So you’ve got your shiny new domain from DreamHost & you’re ready to conquer the world. You start promoting your site, you start getting comfortable, and you might even be making some sales. Great! We just have a few questions, though.

What do your potential customers do when they go on your website? What kind of devices are they using to get there? How long are they on it? Do a sizeable amount end up purchasing your product or service?

Google Search

There was a time in the olden days where we’d have no idea how to answer any of these questions, but thankfully, for those amongst us running our own websites, the future is here & it is beautifully transparent.

Analytics tools are more than a standard for the major businesses of today: If there’s a business out there that doesn’t utilize those services in some form, most people have probably never heard of it.

It’s usually somewhere around the top of every “How to Market your Business” list for a reason. There’s also a reason the service is famously offered by power players like Google & Adobe.

It’s the closest you can get to a mandatory process in modern digital marketing, and that’s primarily due to one simple fact: information is power, and power is money.

When you find out that 95% of your customers are in Sweden, you’ll be able to offer unique promotions & services that benefit them the most. When you discover that none of them are finding their way to the “purchase” button, you can begin to think about why that’s going on.

It’s only when you discover your exact situation & issues that you can begin to work on them and produce substantial results in turn. Without further ado, here are the best tools on the market today to put the power of knowledge in your hands.

Google Analytics

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For many business owners big & small, this is considered one of the industry standards for general analytics, and it’s certainly the most popular.

It’s free to download, offers all the necessary insights, and even offers a myriad of other information bits like A/B tests, link tracking analytics, and more with advanced reports.

You can also check on multiple websites with one account, and all the information on them is conveniently arranged in your dashboard. You can incorporate it into your WordPress site with some added code, and you’ll have plenty of resources online to help you get acquainted.


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Although it’s the most popular service of its kind, a good amount of people that aren’t used to that type of analysis can have a hard time understanding the reports that Google Analytics produces. If you’re using a WordPress site, that’s where ExactMetrics comes in.

This was formerly known as Google Analytics Dashboard for WP, and the core idea behind it is providing a clean, cohesive display of essential insights for WordPress users. You’ll be able to get updates in real time, track links, and do everything else you need to stay ahead of the curve.


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This service performs the same main functions as ExactMetrics, although over two million users go with MonsterInsights to get the job done.

There are multiple tiers to their services targeted at various sizes of businesses & agencies, but even their cheapest package, which is normally under $200 a year, offers you a wide assortment of report & tracking solutions, including real time reports, link tracking & more.

If you need to keep the sharpest eye possible on your website & business, the two expanded versions (the most popular of which is the Pro option) offer custom analytic dimensions, ecommerce reports, form conversion, and over a dozen additional tracking capabilities.

It might be a slightly pricey investment for small businesses, but if you know what to do with the information being offered you’ll be able to recoup on it quickly.

Adobe Analytics

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Moving away from Google for now, Adobe is armed with their own analytic system with a wide range of abilities.

Complete with cross-channel marketing analysis, nuanced & segmented data attribution, advanced visuals, predictive analytics & more, this has lately become the choice of industry leaders like Phillips, Forrester, WestJet & more.

If you also have an app for your business, you can use this tool to track those users as well. Be sure to check their website if you want to get a custom demo & personalized pricing depending on your needs.


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For those who are working on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice quality, GoSquared is a high-quality Google Analytics alternative with a selection of affordable tiers. They offer decked-out packages for large enterprises, but every package comes with plenty of punch.

Along with offering the standards that come with every effective analytic tool, they specialize in portraying the nuances of website visits. They display average visit time down to the second, offer equally precise info on visit depth & the percentage of active visitors, and much more.


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Maybe you’re more of a people person who gets more excited about individuals than averages. If that sounds like you, KissMetrics might be your best choice.

An option unavailable to people using other services, you’ll be able to inspect the behavior of people across visits to your site. That means if they decide to drop by over the course of a few months, you’ll be able to see exactly how long they stayed each time, where they went & more.

You’ll also have the ability to send automated emails to these people based on their behavior. The service starts at $500 per month, but well-applied behavior based engagement can make that seem like pennies relative to your ROI.


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Do you need to see everything, like, absolutely everything? That, and more, is exactly what Woopra offers. Trusted by HP, Duke University, Ticket Tailor & many others, this service prides themselves on offering the most comprehensive & understandable analytics available.

It can also be integrated with over 50 different other applications as well, maximising the potential of all your favorite services. You can link up to Google Drive, SalesForce, Slack, Dropbox, MailChimp; you name it, they probably integrate with it.

You can get started for anywhere between free & the opposite of free. Their Pro plan goes for short of $1000 a month, and they offer custom plans for the biggest of fish.