Learning how to build an affiliate website is the first step to location independence for marketers and entrepreneurs around the world. 

With each passing day, more sites pop up, others go under, and what separates them is being able to stand out amongst the flurry of affiliate marketing websites. There is no time like the present to learn how to start affiliate marketing.

What Are Affiliate Websites?

Illustration Of How Does Affiliate Website Work

Affiliate websites are websites that are built to make money by referring products from another site to their visitors.  The other site pays the owner of the affiliate site a cut of their profits from the sale in exchange for continued referrals.

Affiliate websites come in many types and sizes.  The only limitation is that they more often than not, only act as affiliate sites, rarely selling their products initially.

Many affiliate websites rely on their content whether text-based or video based to bring in traffic and convert them into buyers.

How To Build An Effective And Long Lasting Affiliate Website?

Affiliate websites are hard work.  Many would have you believe in their $997 courses that you simply slap on a theme, write some gibberish and then money starts printing out daily.

Affiliate sites are like working on your dream project, there will be ups, downs, but a good chunk of the time you are questioning your entire life.

The best way to learn how to create an affiliate website is to create an affiliate website.

Buy hosting; we recommend Dreamhost or one of the other range of hosting services we have reviewed. Pick something that offers the potential for decent site speed, as that will influence how well you rank and how many visitors want to use your website.

After that, what’s next is doing your research.

Do Your Research

Keyword Research

Before you build an affiliate website, you have to understand your niche and your competition. There are questions you can ask that will help point you in the right direction regarding everything from your content strategy to how you decide to monetize your affiliate website.

Failing to plan is planning to fail, and that is the case in terms of knowing which domains would work in your niche, how stiff the competition is, and what you need to do to capture your part of the traffic.

Learn what keywords deliver good traffic, learn where your target audience hangs and asks questions, learn what ails them and what they wish your competition did better, from these, you get the chance to carve out your piece of the pie.

Know Your Site Structure

Site structure means both how you intend to have visitors navigate your site from categories to different sub niches your site handles. On one end, you have the design and setup that your customer sees and can click and use to share your content. On the other end, you have how you want to manage that on the backend.

Your site should be easy to scale in the long term, not need to be reshuffled and fixed later on (which is VERY expensive).  How you choose your categories and how you will interlink your pages will decide how well your site converts and whether visitors want to share it on their facebook, twitter, whatever.

Good, Consistent Content

Illustration Of Writing Content For Affiliate Website

Any site's number one priority should be its content. Content is what brings in the audience and gets them to do what you want. This is the contribution that forms the bridge.  If you skimp on the quality of your content, you assure that your site will have a high bounce rate beyond the first contact.

Good, consistent content works to bolster traffic by being shareable, interesting, and informative regardless of the niche.  Your content strategy essentially will break down into “interesting” and “buying” content. 

Easy To Manage Front End & Backend Via WordPress

Regardless of which content management system you choose (it’s how you house all of your content) you should choose something that offers the ability to:

  • Analyze the incoming traffic and how and where they are spending their time onsite
  • An easy to manage content suite that lets you edit and control drafts and finished products with a slew of plugins that make it easier to adjust for SEO and other criteria
  • Saves time on coding and lets you choose from a host of themes that will let you establish your brand initially but makes it easy to switch out later on for a more customized option

Most don't think about how to create a website for affiliate marketing, but each question you ask yourself opens you up for more opportunities to learn and plug what may be future holes.

What Niche Should You Enter?

Affiliate Niche Searching

You can either pick one of two niches: an evergreen niche, one that will always be a part of the culture such as insurance, finance problems, fitness, and things of the sort.

Or, you can pick something trend/luxury based, this means makeup, fashion, and other types of products/industries that aren't necessities but improve quality of life.

The money is in those with disposal income and finding where they like to hangout. When you pick your niche, you need to look at where the audience in that niche congregates and breakdown areas that aren’t being addressed.

What Affiliate Programs Are Available?

Clickbank, Amazon, eBay Partner Network, Shareasale & the list goes on.

There are hundreds upon thousands of affiliate programs that are built to suit every time of affiliate marketer. Some are great and pay well, others are terrible and offer little to help their affiliates.

The best affiliate programs are a mixture of being available and transparent while being helpful but not nosey.  They should let affiliates do their thing without trying to steal from their affiliates via poor tracking software, shady practices, or delayed payments.

Not all affiliate programs were created equal.  Some offer daily payments, others off bi-monthly payment. It all depends on how your cash flow is and how sizable your capital is as well.

Affiliate websites play a key role in which top programs you can get accepted into, and if your site isn't as good as possible, you may not get to access some of the best opportunities.

There is Commission Junction, Amazon, eBay, Best Buy and a range of other brands that offer specific affiliate programs for their products as well as white-label solutions that provide affiliates with access to a range of sub programs.

Beyond direct sales, there are cost per acquisition networks that pay affiliates for lead data that can be highly lucrative as well depending on the offer.