How to Choose a Content Management System


The above graph shows how majority of users create websites using WordPress.  This is probably because its easy to setup and does not require any coding.  Also there is a very wide range of additional functionality you can add to the site using plug-ins.  It can be incredibly easy to build a WordPress website once you know the process.

Other CMS typically require coding knowledge such as HTML, Javascript and CSS.  HTML is a markup language and basically defines the layout of the website.  If a website was a car then HTML would be the frame and body of the car.  Javascript adds the functionality to the website, it would be like the engine and exhaust system on the car.  CSS is the design and layout of the website, this would be like the interior features and color of the car.  Most of the other Content Management Systems require coding knowledge whereas WordPress you don’t have to code a single line unless you want to.  WordPress has the ability to edit the code if you want.

The Top 3 CMS by Market Share


wordpress cms

Wordpress is a free open source content management system based on PHP and MySQL.  It allows for easy layout changes using Themes and you can easily add complex functionality to your website using plugins.  WordPress is used by more than 60 million websites.  Now WordPress CMS and are 2 different things entirely.  WordPress CMS is a fully customizable content management system whereas is just a web user interface that allows limited functionality to building a website.  Also WordPress CMS requires hosting plan and just charges a fee for using their system.


Joomla is the second most used CMS and has been used by approx 58 million websites.  Its complexity level is between WordPress being easiest and Drupal being most complex.  Joomla web framework is similar to WordPress using PHP and MySQL.  Check out the benefits of using Joomla here.


joomla cms


Drupal CMS

Drupal is the most complex of the 3 top CMS but offers the most powerful. Drupal requires advanced technical knowledge of web coding languages like PHP, HTML and others.  The main benefits of Drupal are its open source, customizable, capable of rapid deployment, it is an enterprise class software with extensive API support and is SEO and Mobile friendly.

Cost of Website

Wordpress and Joomla are similar in they are both free to use.  Costs will likely come from buying premium themes or plugins,  These CMS are simple enough to use that you may not need to hire a webdeveloper to help build the site.

Drupal is free to use but more complex and will likely required budget for hiring a web developer.