PriceAround $2.6 – Check Latest Prices
ProsSecurity, Tiered plan options, Customer service, Unlimited plan, Privacy, Ease of use, Free HTTPS
ConsNo Phone Support


SummaryDreamhost is one of the largest website hosting providers and powers millions of websites
Our Rating5/5

DreamHost is an opensource web hosting platform serving over 400,000 million customers and 1.5 million sites. It’s an old company, founded back in 1996 in Claremont College (California) by undergraduate students.

We wanted to put DreamHost to the test and see if it lived up to the hype. In this review, we’ll discuss its pros, cons and what makes it stands out from our competitors. Then, it’s up to you to decide if DreamHost is the right web host for you.

About The Product

Overall, DreamHost has an interesting user interace – it’s easy and well laid out. Instead of using iPage or Host Gator with screen-cluttering icons, DreamHost gives you a variety of options placed on the left side of the screen.

You can manage the domains, billing settings and view the settings for dedicated servers and VPS. We have trouble finding the third-party app marketplace or the security options.

In fact, DreamHost has the Remixer feature, which allows users to create websites right away. You don’t have to wait for your Dreamhost account to get approved, as you would previously. Remixer consists of dozens of themes, which can be changed due to its drag and drop feature.

We found it easy to add text, video, and photos on its interface. You can even install third-party applications such as Media Wiki, Joomla, Piwigo, and WordPress.

WordPress Integration

WordPress is responsible for 60% of the websites on the Internet. Because of this, many users look towards web hosts that provide this software. Fortunately, DreamHost provides WordPress integration, making it easier to set up your blog, product, or service.  Dreamhost has a 1 Click install that will automatically install WordPress to your website in 1 click.

Like some of its competitors, DreamHost provides WordPress hosting. In fact, DreamPress gives your website auto updates to WordPress, performing daily backups, and giving WordPress-specific security.  DreamPress is designed for high traffic WordPress sites.  Also Dreampress has an expert team of WordPress Developers on hand to help fix any technical issues you may run into while building your website.

DreamPress has 30 GB of storage, monthly data transfers, unlimited email, and a myriad of free WordPress themes. You can install any plugin you desire; WP Engine and Pagely might restrict you from installing a few plugins that might impact your page’s performance.

Thus, bloggers will find DreamHost as a reliable form of hosting. It’s cheap, and its DreamPress theme is only around $25 a month. So you get the dual benefits of fast hosting and ultimate blog customization.


Every good web host has a set of features that set it apart from its competitors. Dream host is no different. Here are some of the features consumers have noticed when using DreamHost as a service:


Data Security

DreamHost has antispam for email, but lack an antimalware service. Besides this small flaw, we like its attention to other website security aspects. For instance, the control panel allows you to set up a password or control access to your site by editing the .htaccess file.

For sites that shouldn’t be indexed by search engines, users can block spiders. You can create automated batch jobs to monitor processes and schedule tasks on the site. DreamHost provides free secure-socket layer certificate, which is necessary if you’re going to sell products online.

If you are a web developer or have a development team, you’ll like that DreamHost has Subversion, which helps you manage source code files. Most web hosting providers will restrict you to applications that are listed on the software marketplace. Toos like Subversion are rarely on these marketplaces, so it’s great to create your own repository.

Customer Service

DreamHost has ticket-based and email support, and online chat. While DreamHost doesn’t have a phone-call option, their chat support is very good. We’ve tried speaking to a DreamHost representative on a weekday evening and afternoon. Someone answered our questions within minutes.

We asked the difference between dedicated hosting and VPS. The representatives gave us a satisfying, thorough answer. We also asked how we could import our sites to DreamHost’s server and received a link with in-depth instructions. DreamHost also has a F.A.Q. that’s used to handle the most commonly asked questions.

DreamHost has a great money-back guarantee policy. You can cancel the shared hosting service within 97s after signing up and receive a full refund. Since most hosts offer only 15-30 days, this added flexibility is helpful.

Tiered Plan Options

Previously, DreamHost provided a single hosting option. While it was great for some users, it was priced rather high. As a result, Dreamhost has adapted its hosting plans to meet what the customers need.  Dreamhost is competitively priced against the other top hosting companies in the industry.

Dreamhost Review Plans


E-Commerce And E-Marketing

Features Of Ecommerce Marketing

DreamHost has the ZenCart Feature, which is accessed from the One Click Install Menu. This shopping cart software allows you to buy products that are up for sale quickly. And, it’s supported by Woo Commerce.

DreamHost uses Chartbeat to help you track site analytics and traffic. This is different from most hosting services, who tend to focus on Google Analytics.


However, there are some minor flaws associated with DreamHost. Here are some things you should consider before using them as a web hosting platform:

Delayed Setup

Newer accounts have to be verified before activation. This means while the registration process is instant, you’ll wait a few hours before the site is fully activated. Factor this into your new launch plans if you want your site up-and-running ASAP.

Do We Recommend Dream Host?

Yes, but it depends what you’re looking for. DreamHost is great if you want your hosting to come pre-configured without needing to do a lot of backend setup.  If you are looking for full control over all configurations then Dedicated Dreamhost Server is the hosting plan for you.

Their customer support is above average across the board. And they give you a few freebies for switching to them. The pricing is affordable for the value and service you’re getting. If you want reliability over everything else, then DreamHost is the best website hosting plan available.

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