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This site is to serve as a free guide on how to build websites with WordPress and Dreamhost. NO coding skills required.

Why use WordPress?  WordPress allows 100% customization while requiring no coding.  WordPress is the #1 used platform for building websites representing >35% of all websites on the internet.  Its ease of use makes it the #1 content management system on the web.

Dreamhost IntegrationDreamhost allows for easy installation of WordPress using only 1 click. The setup is done automatically saving you the effort of downloading WordPress and then uploading it to the server and configuring the setup. This is all done automatically with Dreamhost..
Why Dreamhost?Dreamhost offers the best customer support and is there to help resolve any issues you have. Dreamhost also offers low priced hosting while still providing high quality infrastructure. Dreamhost also makes it incredibly easy to install WordPress.
Wordpress vs WordPress.comWordpress CMS is different then WordPress.com. WordPress CMS is installed to your Hosts web server and allows complete control over every aspect of the site. WordPress.com is just a web user interface or online page builder. WordPress.com you are more limited in customizing your site.
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