Process to Build a Dropship Website

NO coding required

  • Get Hosting
  • Get Domain
  • Install WordPress
  • Find Ecommerce Theme
  • Install Ecommerce Theme
  • Install Dropship AliExpress plugin
  • Create Pages and configure webpage

First step is to sign up for Hosting.  Dreampress recommends using Dreamhost but you can Compare Hosting Services here. Shared hosting is a good plan to start with. View differences between hosting plans here.

**This tutorial shows how to build a website using Dreamhost as the Hosting Service.  So the process will be a little different if you’re using a different Hosting provider.


Next you need to decide on a domain name which is like the address or location of your website on the web. Here’s how to choose a domain name. and you can get a Domain Name Here.

  1. Login to the Dreamhost Cpanel at https://panel.dreamhost.com/
  2. Go Domains -> Manage Domains -> Register a New Domain -> Search for your ideal domain name
  3. Add to cart and pay for the domain, typically costs $12
  4. Once you have paid for the Domain its time to Fully Host the Domain.
  5. Go Domains -> Manage Domains -> Click Fully Host this domain

Installing WordPress with Dreamhost is as easy as one click.

  1. Login to Cpanel at https://panel.dreamhost.com/
  2. Go Goodies -> One-Click Installs -> WordPress -> Select Domain -> Click Install.  **Dreamhost will automatically install WordPress to your site.
  3. Check your email. There will be a email from Dreamhost with your WordPress Username
  4. Follow the link in the email to setup a password
  5. Login into your site by going to websitename.com/wp-admin
  6. Setup easy username if you want. Dremahost creates a hard to remember username. You can create a easy one by going to: Users -> Add New -> Enter Username/email/PW -> Set Role as Adminstrator

Now its time to find a theme.

Here’s how to pick a Theme

  1. Go to Themeforest and search wordpress themes for the type of site your building.  For example a Phone App website you’d search for “App” https://themeforest.net/category/wordpress?term=app
  2. Browse all the Themes viewing the live demo of what the site looks like.
  3. Find the one that has the right look and has the functionalities you are looking for
  4. Buy and Download the theme

Example 1


To install the Theme you first Download the .zip file from Themeforest.  Then you have to unzip the outer folder but leave the internal Theme folder zipped.  WordPress requires the Theme folder to be zipped in order to install it.

  1. Unzip the outer folder of the zip file, i.e. the downloaded file. Within this outer folder there should be a zipped folder with the name of the Theme. This file you want to keep zipped. Just unzip the main file that you downloaded.
  2. Install Theme by logging into the WordPress Dashboard.
  3. Go to your website and put /wp-admin at the end of the url.  www.websitename.com/wp-admin
  4. Go Appearance -> Themes -> Add New -> Upload Theme -> Select the internal zip file.
    **Select the zipped file with the Theme Name.  It should be within the unzipped file you downloaded.
    **If there are 2 theme files, one named child. Then install the one without child name first. Then install child theme
  5. Click install
  6. Activate theme:  Appearance -> Themes -> Select Theme -> Activate
  7. Install Demo Data: Appearance -> Import Demo Data
    **Installing Demo data can vary between themes. Typically its is in Appearance demo data. If not then check the install doc provided by the Theme provider.

I’ve tested multiple Dropshipping sites like Oberlo and Shopify.  But I prefer using WordPress and this AliExpress Plugin because it doesn’t have a monthly recurring cost like Shopify.  Its just a small upfront cost and then the monthly hosting fee which still costs less than Shopify.


Your webpage should now look like the demo in Themeforest after you install the Theme and load the demo data. Once the Theme is installed its time to edit the pages and add the content. Detailed description on how to edit your WordPress site

  1. Edit pages, to change the homepage goto: Settings -> Reading -> Your homepage displays A static page -> Select Homepage
  2. Now edit the pages adding the content and info about your app
    HTML Process

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a retail business model where the retailer (seller) does not own any of the inventory. Instead the seller only runs the store, taking and receiving orders. When a customer places an order with the retailer sends a order request directly to the

manufacturer or supplier of the product, who then ships the product to the customer. The retailer never touches the product. They simply take orders and forward them to the manufacturer who ships the product to the customer. The retailer can decide how much to markup

the price making money by selling the product to the customer at a price that is higher than what the manufacturer charges.

Benefits of Dropshipping

  • Cheap to start
  • No inventory stored
  • Easy to get started
  • Low day to day running costs
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Product line great variability
  • Easily scaleable as your business increases the supplier is the one who gets busier.

Starting a Dropshipping business is a lot easier and costs a lot less than a normal retail model as there is no need to hold inventory. The cost of buying and storing inventory is very expensive and requires a large amount of startup capital. Staring a online dropshipping business is easy in the sense that you have no costs or work related to buying and storing inventory. Where as a normal retail store requires physical space to store inventory and incurrs all related costs to storing inventory, i.e. warehouse fees,inventory tracking, managing stock, etc.

Dropshipping also allows the retailer to offer a wider range of products as they don’t have to physically own any of them. So in theory a Dropshipper could have unlimited number of products on their site. A normal retail business has to physically own all the products they sell thereby limiting the range of products they can offer.  Scaling the business up does not place any increased work burden on the retailer for the most part. The manufacturer/supplier is the one who will see increased workloads as they are the ones who have to fulfill and ship the orders.

Also Dropshipping allows for flexible work arrangements. Since the store is online you can work from anywhere with an internet connection and since the website runs 24 hours a day you can work any time of day you want.

Cons of Dropshipping

  • You take the blame
  • Shipping issues are your responsibility
  • Supplier errors
  • Keeping track of products inventory levels

Disadvantages of Dropshipping include shipping complexities, inventory tracking issues, supplier errors and customer support.
Its likely that if you run a Dropship store that you work with more than one supplier so if a customer places an order for multiple products and each product comes from a different supplier then the customer will incur multiple shipping costs which they will likely think you are overcharging them. Also its likely that some of your suppliers are located in manufacturing hubs like China which will result in longer than normal shipping times as the product has to ship from half way around the world.

Any issues related to shipping the complaints will come to you as the seller. Even though the problem was caused by the manufacturer/supplier. Any errors made by the supplier will be the sellers responsibility to fix.

You could have issues keeping track of which products are in stock depending on what type of system and which manufacturers you are using. If you are using AliExpress than inventory is easily tracked to see what is available. But if you are working with independently sourced suppliers than they may or may not have a system that will allow you to track their inventory levels.

CMS for Dropshipping:

There are many ways to setup a Dropshipping store. You could use WordPress, Shopify, WIX, Squarespace etc. This tutorial will show how to setup a Dropship store using WordPress and Shopfiy. Dreampress recommends using WordPress as the CMS for the Dropship store as its the lowest monthly cost with the easy scalability and full control over the stores layout and funcationality. However one drawback from using WordPress is additional work related to making the payment processing PCI compliant.  For WordPress you have to setup WooCommerce and Stripe to make the site PCI Compliant for processing credit card information.  Shopfiy comes default with PCI compliant payment processing.

The WordPress Dropship store costs 1/3 the cost of running a Shopify store and also allows lower cost of scaling. WordPress Dropship store costs $10 a month which is to pay for the web hosting for the website. Shopfiy charges $30 a month for hosting the site but only allows for one store per $30. The WordPress setup allows for infinite number of online stores per the $10 a month fee.

WordPress Store:

Startup Cost: $50 (Hosing $10, Plugin $40)
Monthly Cost: $10
Wordpress store requires the AliExpress WooCommerce plugin to work as this is the Dropshipping system that will allow you to integrate with the suppliers system. The supplier for this store is AliExpress which has a very wide product range and available suppliers.

  • Easy integration with Social media via plugins
  • Lots of free and paid apps for adding functionality to site
  • Lots of storefront themes available
  • Free HTTPS security with Dreamhost
  • Easy Email and Newsletter integration
  • Easy to make PCI Compliant if you use Stripe

Shopify Store:

Startup Cost: $30
Monthly Cost: $30
The Shopify store uses Oberlo as the system that connects to the Supplier (AliExpress).

  • Easy Integration with Socail Media: Facebook, Instagram and Amazon.
  • Lots of Apps both free and paid apps to add funcationality to site
  • Professional storefront themes.
  • Top-notch security: most pricing plans offer a free certificate at no extra cost.
  • Email and newsletter integration
  • Easy integration for PCI compliant credit card processing