When starting a new WordPress blog, one of the first things you’re going to want to decide is which theme you should use. Choosing a design that fits your website, and represents the type of content you’re putting out, can be tough.

What should you look for in a theme and where are you able to find the best WordPress blog themes? These are the questions we’ll be answering for you today.

Your Theme Is The Soul Of Your Website

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The theme of your WordPress site should be more than just an aesthetically pleasing design (although it is that, too). The very best WordPress blog themes truly represent you and your style, as well as the style of the site you’re creating.

Your theme is the soul of your website and you need to find something that reflects the kind of content you want to put on your blog. A theme isn’t something that should be picked without thinking about it. You want to stand out from the crowd and offer up visitors something that they might not have seen before.

By using a completely free theme (like the basic options available on WordPress), you’re sending the wrong message to your visitors about the type of site you’re operating.

Not only are you not providing them with a positive experience, but you’re also selling yourself short by presenting them with such a bad representation of your vision.

Nowadays, there are so many options on the market that it’s no longer necessary to pay thousands to a web designer. However, by spending just a little bit of cash on a premium theme, you can achieve the same effect.

Of course, you don’t want to purchase an all-singing-all-dancing WordPress theme purely for how loaded with features and options it is. So how do you decide what needs it should fill and what aspects you should be looking at?

Be Utilitarian: A Theme Needs To Suit Your Needs First

Different WordPress Themes

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when choosing a theme is opting for the most feature-rich theme available. Features are great and having the option to use multiple widgets and plug-ins are essential to creating a stylish, fun website.

However, simply going for the most heavily customizable theme and adding every available option is a surefire way to end up with a bloated page that doesn’t load well.

Choose a theme based on the features you need, the features that’ll provide value to your customers, and the features which will make your site stand out from the crowd. Don’t just assume that WordPress themes need to have EVERY available feature. You only need the ones which actively make your site better.

Here are the main points you’ll have to consider when picking a theme:

  • Is it responsive? Does it work well on multiple platforms and does it load up fast?
  • Does it have customizable color options? Are there plenty of choices for design?
  • Will it support the fonts/videos/images you want to have on your site?

There are plenty of other needs you may have, but the above list is the ideal starting point. You might want a theme that allows you to edit pages in a modular, drag-and-drop fashion - for example - but only look for that feature once you’ve determined that the basics are all there and it accomplishes the main needs a site has.

Testing Out A Theme

Testing Theme

One of the most important parts about finding the best WordPress themes for blogs is being able to test out the theme and play around with its features. Try to find a site that allows you to view live previews/demos of the themes.

By viewing a live preview, you can get a proper feel for how it works and what will be possible after purchasing the theme. They’ll usually showcase each and every feature available and will usually offer multiple styles and variations on aspects like:

  • Sidebars
  • Full-width/boxed styles
  • Widget types and placements
  • Article grids and sliders
  • Font/color options

Check out all of the available options on a theme before deciding to take the plunge and purchase, as you’ll have a much better idea about whether or not it’ll suit your needs after seeing it in action.

Where To Find Themes?

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There are a number of different sites online which offer up amazing themes from talented designers. Finding a site that has a wide and varied collection, however, can be quite the task. Many of them simply list bland and generic designs that don’t offer up many more features than the free themes you’ll find on WordPress itself.

So, where is the best place to look for responsive themes that allow you to customize your page further than any others? In our research, we found that ThemeForest WordPress themes offered the absolute best range of features and high-quality designs.

ThemeForest routinely has some of the highest rated WordPress themes online and is packed with a large variety of designs. Even just a cursory search of the ThemeForest WP themes will show you how popular it is with WordPress bloggers.

The number of sales and downloads on premium themes really shows you how widely-accepted the site is and how much authority it has in the industry.

Let’s find out a bit more about ThemeForest below and find out why it’s so much more popular than other WordPress theme sites you can find online.


Wordpress Theme Provider

ThemeForest hosts a wealth of gorgeous WordPress themes from designers and web developers all around the globe. ThemeForest WP themes are presented in an easy to understand way; with handy screenshots, high-def visualizations, and links to live demo themes you can preview and interact with.

The themes you’ll find on ThemeForest are curated and arranged in such a way that it’s easy to browse through and find any kind of design or specific feature you’re looking for.

There are a large variety of categories; from magazine to blog, from e-commerce to photography-based. It’s simple to hunt down a site that suits your needs.

One of the most annoying aspects of other theme websites out there is the fact that they have no real curation or organization in place. Many of the themes are listed in no discernible order or are mislabeled.

Where ThemeForest shines is how the themes are presented. They have featured templates of the week, most recently added, and many more ways to search for quality themes. Considering that there are over 45,000 themes currently listed on the site, it’s impressive how well-organized they all are.

You can easily search through ThemeForest WP themes by specific tags, to help you hone in on the themes which will work best with the content of your site.

Also, because of how much information is provided, you can see straight away if a theme will work with your version of WordPress and all of the desired specifications and update history.

Something that ThemeForest do really well is providing you with a lot of great free content. They offer up free web tutorials and even free assets that you can use with your new theme. It’s great to see a website offer up so much value.

Are Premium Pay Themes Worth It?

Wordpress Premium Themes

One of the main points people bring up when they’re looking for a new theme for their website is the fact that there are a bunch of free themes online. People often think “what’s the point of paying for something when I can get it for free?”

Sadly, this is an attitude that’s all too common - despite the answer being extremely obvious. Premium themes are worth paying for because they make YOU and YOUR WEBSITE look amazing. Your website won’t be taken seriously or have any kind of authority unless it looks the part and works well.

The best thing about premium themes like the ones hosted on ThemeForest is how affordable they actually are. You might be tricked into thinking you’ll be paying out a fortune when actually they start from just $2. Because there’s such a wide variety, you have a whole range of prices.

Even a moderately-priced premium theme will set you back no more than $50-100. This is especially impressive when you consider just how expensive paying a web designer to create something similar could be.

In many ways, premium themes are actually a better option than paying someone to create a custom theme for you - and we’re going to explain why below.

What Do They Offer That Free Ones Don’t?

Purchasing and using ThemeForest WordPress themes offer a significant advantage over the same boring designs you’ll see listed on WordPress itself (or on other sites that merely collect links to themes).

A premium theme provides you with enough features to compete with larger sites that are professionally designed and have budgets much higher than others.

With premium themes you’ll get features like:

  • Amazingly responsive design
  • Advanced social sharing features
  • Multiple page designs and variations
  • Automatic and regular updates
  • Ongoing support
  • More customizable widgets/plug-ins
  • Extra theme customization
  • Advanced, built-in SEO (search engine optimization) features
  • Ready for retina display images
  • Coding that’s standards compliant
  • Design add-on bundles

There is so much offered with premium themes and so much more customization than you’d find in free themes. All of the aspects listed above provide way more authority and put you in a better starting off point than a cheap-looking theme you’ve installed for free.

We stated in the previous section that purchasing and installing a premium theme could actually offer more value than a web designer creating a custom site for you.

The reason for this is more than just financial (ThemeForest WordPress themes are obviously much cheaper). It’s actually about the support you’ll receive afterwards and the options you’ll have for upgrading down the line.

By using a premium theme, you’ll very often receive a set amount of support from the designer of that theme. The exact amount will be listed on the page for the theme, but it’s usually somewhere between 6 months and a year (with the option to extend, if needed).

This means that any single problem you run into can be directly handled by the original designer of the theme and not some third party developer. You’ll receive direct support and have the best options available to install and customize the theme to your liking.

On top of this, you won’t have to pay out and have the developer change anything on the theme once you get sick of certain options or colors. With a regular designer, you’d be looking at hefty charges to refine and change the design of your website.

By using a premium theme, the power to change whatever you want is planted firmly in your hands (at a tiny percentage of the price a designer would usually charge).

Premium themes offer so much more than your run-of-the-mill WordPress design. So much so that they have to be seen to be believed. Head on over to ThemeForest and check out some of the live previews and demos to see what you’re missing out on!


Looking At WordPress Theme

If you want your new website to be taken seriously, you’ll be at a major advantage to competitors by searching for the best WordPress themes for blogs on sites like ThemeForest. You’re bound to find a theme that aesthetically fits your site, tackles all of your needs, and really encompasses the soul of your website.

Not only will you be able to make your WordPress blog look just as professional as some of the biggest sites out there, but you’ll also be able to do it at a fraction of the cost you’d usually pay.

You’ll have access to more intuitive and responsive features than ANY of the free themes listed in WordPress itself, AND your visitors will appreciate your site much more.

You may not think that a premium theme is the right way to go for you, but if you want a WordPress blog that looks like it’s been designed by a true professional, you’ll definitely want to check out sites like ThemeForest.