Examples of Successful Affiliate Websites


Niche: Consumer Products

Top Affiliates on Site:  Amazon

ThisISWhyImBroke is a Amazon affilaite website that features obscure and weird products.  The website makes it easy to find these unusual products all in one place.


Niche: Consumer Finance

Top Affiliates on Site:  Quicken Loans, Upstart, Capital Once, Synchrony Credit, Geiko

Nerd Wallet offers reviews and advise for financial products and services.  The cover topics such as credit cards, mortgages, investing, insurance and more.

Wire Cutter

Niche: Product Review

Top Affiliates on Site:  Amazon, Home Depot, Go Pro, Best Buy, Apple

Wire Cutter is a product reviews website for electronics and gadgets.  The site focuses on offering the best product in each category.  Instead of offering bulk reviews Wire Cutter focuses on in depth deep dive reviews on the top products.


Niche: Credit Cards and Travel

Top Affiliates on Site:  American Express, Chase, Citi

Points Guy is a site that offers advice and information about travel and getting the most out of rewards credit cards.