Why use WordPress?

WordPress is easy to use and fully customizable. Its no wonder that WordPress is the most commonly used content management system. With WordPress there is NO need for any coding but it does still allow for complete customization.

Why Dreamhost?

Dreamhost offers the best customer support and is there to help resolve any issues you have. Dreamhost also offers low priced hosting while still providing high quality infrastructure. Dreamhost also makes it incredibly easy to install WordPress.

Dreamhost Integration

Dreamhost allows for easy installation of WordPress using only 1 click. The setup is done automatically saving you the effort of downloading WordPress and then uploading it to the server and configuring the setup. This is all done automatically with Dreamhost.

WordPress vs WordPress.com

WordPress CMS is different then WordPress.com. WordPress CMS is installed to your Hosts web server and allows complete control over every aspect of the site. WordPress.com is just a web user interface or online page builder.

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Process to Build Website

NO coding required

1) Get Hosting

2) Get Domain

3) Install WordPress

4) Find Theme

5) Install Theme

6) Edit Theme

Get Hosting

Get a Domain Name

Install WordPress


Edit Theme


of Starting a New Website

To start a new website can cost as low as $22. $10 for hosting and $12 for the domain, wordpress is free and there are many free themes you could use. To get a even more high end looking site you could buy a premium theme for around $60. All in thats $82 to get a new website started.
With WordPress you can save thousands of dollars on development fee’s. Hiring a Web Developer to build the website is very expensive but these same Developers build Themes and sell them in ThemeForest. Theme Forest you can browse all the Layouts until you find the one with the right look. Themes are generally around $60.

  • Domanin and Hosting
  • CMS
  • Content and Layout

Develop Content and Layout

The WordPress user interface makes it easy to setup the content and layout of the webpage. It has a dashboard like user interface where you can manage all aspects of the site. From page creation to product setup, user management and much more.

With WordPress you can easily change the look and feel of the site by changing the Theme. There are many free and paid themes. Typically the paid for themes offer increased built-in functionality over free themes.

Themes range in cost from $0 upwards of $100+. On Themeforest you can get high quality Themes for around $60.


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