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When you’re creating a new site, you’re going to need a few things to make sure that everything goes smoothly. First off, you’ll need a cohesive vision of how you want your site to turn out. After that, you’ll want a more concrete plan of how you can make it all come together. Finally, you’ll need a web host.

A web hosting service will provide you with server space for your site, at the bare minimum, but the best of them can completely guide you through the process of starting a new website. Of course, your needs will depend on your level of experience and how much of the task you’re ready to tackle on your own.

Keep in mind that picking out the best web host is usually difficult because many of them will sound the same, not to mention that there are so many options to choose from. To make the process a little easier for you, we decided to cover some of the best web hosting services around.

Today, we're going to present our review of Wix, who offers free web hosting services, but we'll be taking a closer look at their premium plans and what they can provide the buyer. However, we'll also offer some guidance for people who have never before selected a web hosting service.

To make the decision a little easier, we’re going to talk about two of the aspects that you should be aware of before choosing the right web hosting service for your needs. For our readers who would like to get right to the review, you’re more than welcome to skip right ahead.

DDoS Protection

Illustration Of DDOS Protection

A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is one that is intended to cripple a website by flooding it with requests to the point that the servers can't cope. This is one of the most common ways for attackers to stop a site from functioning, and sufficient DDoS protection should be part of every web hosting plan.

Of course, a targeted DDoS attack against your site will be less likely the smaller you are, but an attack on the host themselves can still leave your site inaccessible. To be sure that your site is protected from DDoS attacks, take a closer look at the security features that a web host offers.

Included Extras

Some of the more expensive web hosting plans will come with additional features integrated, and these can range from software to complimentary services. For example, some of the most advanced plans can help you with other areas of your site, like logo design and more.

Other plans will provide you with apps that can help you build your website and test out how fast it’s running. You can even get help setting up ads on your site or get extra support that isn’t available to subscribers on lower tiers. A lot of the time, these extras can help make a more expensive plan worthwhile.

About The Product


  • The Wix editor features over 500 available templates
  • Wix ADI can custom design a website for you
  • Free option available
  • Easy to work with mobile tools as well
  • Wix Code makes it easy to add advanced features
  • Impressive and detailed help center
  • A wide range of available site add-ons

Wix’s main point of attraction, when compared to other web hosting services, is that you can get started with them for free. If you like the user experience, then you can move on to a paid plan that will provide you with a domain name and get rid of the Wix ads, and like the competition, they have a few different tiers.

If you're looking for an easy way to build a site and a free hosting solution, no competitor even comes close to Wix. For example, beginners can use the Wix ADI to create a website of their own just by answering a few short questions and determining the style that they would like to go with.

Of course, if you’ve already created a site, then you can use the Wix Editor to the fullest of your abilities to create something truly unique. With over 500 templates to choose from, you’ll have access to a variety of designs so that you can pick a theme that matches the kind of site you have envisioned.

With Wix Code, you can work with databases, JavaScript, dynamic pages, and more, even if you don’t have any experience with them. While Wix Code is admittedly more advanced than the other parts of the service, it’s still much easier than learning database development from scratch.

As for customer support, Wix has a comprehensive help center that can provide you with all of the relevant information about your query, and if your issue isn't addressed in it, support is available. One of the most impressive things about Wix is that their support department is also available for their free users.

What Others Say

Price Of Wix

In the customer reviews that we went over, most of the clients mentioned the advantage of having a free option available. A lot of paid users started off by using the free platform and getting a feel for it before determining that Wix was the right hosting service for them.

The versatility of the plans and their pricing was also praised by a lot of Wix’s reviewers. The main downside that was mentioned was that Wix’s premium plans are more expensive than the competition to make up for their free service. Wix was also criticized for not allowing users to export site code.

Buying Advice

As we've already mentioned, the best thing about Wix is that you can start it for free, but their premium plans range from $5 per month up to $30 per month. At the low end, you get 1 GB of bandwidth and 500 MB of storage, making them one of the more expensive options.


If you’d like to try out your hosting service for free beforehand, Wix is a great choice. They also offer superior service to a lot of their competitors, but keep in mind that it comes at a higher price. We hope that this review has been able to provide you with all of the necessary info about Wix.